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The first 16 runs are complete in my 5K a day challenge throughout August to raise money for the MS Society.  By Jovi, I’m halfway there, runnin’ on a prayer. How is it going so far?

This week’s soundtrack

Questions and Doubts

At the halfway stage, I’ve completed 16 days of running and covered 82 kilometres.  Thus far my body is holding up pretty well which is quite the relief. I’ve been struggling with a left knee injury most of the year that has resulted in some extended breaks from running.  Would that derail my challenge?

Similarly, I injured my back in July that had me confined to bed barely able to move for over a week. It had recovered and I had managed some runs and long walks prior to the start of August.  Nevertheless, would my back survive the daily pounding?

And of course, would this be the thing that caused my MS to bite me?  Three years on from diagnosis and I don’t seem to suffer from the fatigue that is common in MS.  However this challenge is 31 straight days of running.  Would that be the thing that causes fatigue?

So Far, So Good

Well at the midway point, and without wanting to tempt fate, the answers are no, yes and no.  Things are going well.  I have been taking the runs at a slower pace than I would normally.  I’m not exactly the fastest runner anyway but this isn’t about me setting speed records, it’s about covering the distance. 

I’ve been doing an extensive stretching routine and torture session with a foam roller each night.  This is helping keep my muscles and joints loose.  So far, the most bothersome body parts have been my calf muscles which I am finding stiff but not overly so.  My back and troublesome knee are cooperating.

Speaking of cooperating, the weather has been in an agreeable mood.  A few days have seen me timing my runs to avoid the worst of the rain but, after 16 days, I’ve only had one soaking.  For a summer activity in Scotland, that’s pretty good going.  Having said that, Monday 9th saw some torrential rain and flash flooding which did make me wonder if I would be doing a 5K swim rather than a run.

Fundraising to Date

The best news is that, so far, I have raised over £1072 for the MS Society. I really do appreciate this support and tremendous generosity.  We’ve been through such an economic shockwave with the pandemic that supporting my crazy running notions is not going to be a top priority for everyone.  However, many people have contributed and offered encouragement which really is a tremendous boost.

The Second Half

So halfway there, 15 more runs to go to complete my challenge.  In addition to the stretching, I will need to do two things to get through these last two weeks.  One is to find some new routes to keep things interesting and the other is to update my running play list.  After 15 runs, “Born to Run” is starting to sound less like motivation and more like sarcasm.

All being well, I’ll be back in two weeks having completed the 5K-a-day in August challenge.  If you would like to sponsor me in this challenge, please visit my fundraising page here.

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