Grappling with MS

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Hello! I’m Scott and I live in Glasgow.  I’ve also been training in martial arts for the last 12 years and in 2018, I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis.

This blog is my journey through living with MS, treatments and continuing with my martial arts practise.  I decided to start this during the Coronavirus lockdown as a way to deal with all the additional uncertainty that the pandemic has created.

Over the last two years I’ve learned that MS varies so widely in how it affects people.  This blog is very much how it has affected me and a way to deal with all the physical and mental challenges that may present themselves but hopefully along the way it might be helpful for others.  

How to combine MS and martial arts in one image? Well the header on this page is an amalgamation of the different martial arts belts and the output of an MRI brain scan, both of which will no doubt make appearances in future posts (though that’s not my brain).

Let’s get started and see where this journey goes…

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