I Caught Covid

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After two and a half years of the pandemic it finally happened. I caught Covid-19.

Testing Testing

It wasn’t entirely a shock. My wife tested positive a few days before me so seeing two bold lines on my LFT felt inevitable. That either of us caught did feel like a surprise. We’ve been cautious throughout and, whilst gradually going to more places, still avoid particularly crowded places. Regular lateral flow tests became part of the routine.

The dreaded second line

My wife had what seemed like a bad flu and spent a few days in her bed. Would I be the same? Would my MS and my asthma make it a rockier road?


Maybe not rockier but certainly longer. It would be two weeks before I tested negative again. After five days, an LFT had a fainter line. Two days later it was bold again. All in all, sixteen days after the first test, I tested negative again.

Initially my symptoms were flu-like with body aches and shivers. That passed after four days, replaced by over a week of low energy and fatigue. The latter came as a shock. I’ve not had to deal with MS fatigue, so this was an unpleasant experience. I had been hillwalking the previous week, whereas now I had just about enough energy to walk from the sofa to the kitchen. This saw me spending all day in bed and sleeping for many hours a day. A gentle walk was enough to wipe me out for the rest of the day.

This was the last symptom to pass.

Antivirals to the Rescue

MS entitled me to antiviral medications. I must commend the NHS for how smoothly this worked. I called the number for NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde, a nurse and then a pharmacist called back. The antivirals were delivered that afternoon. Tremendous service and, as if one were needed, another reminder of how valuable the NHS is.

The antivirals were a trio of tablets called Paxlovid. Three tablets, twice a day, for five days. Between these and being triple vaxxed, my symptoms, whilst inconvenient, were pretty mild. Actually the worst part was the yucky strong metallic taste in my mouth. It turns out Paxlovid Mouth is a thing. However don’t let that put you off. If you test positive, contact the NHS and get the antivirals.

So I caught Covid. It was unpleasant but a lot less severe than it might have been. Thankfully I’m feeling back to normal. It was a reminder to me, and to everyone, that this thing hasn’t gone away. Stay safe everyone!

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