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From Queen to Bruce Springsteen to the third entry on the GWMS playlist, a Dare is a song from a childhood move favourite.

Dare by Stan Bush

Big stompy robots that fight and turn into cars, trucks and jet planes. What’s not to like? The Transformers were everywhere in the early to mid-1980s and the young me thought they were great. They rumbled into the cinema in 1986 with a movie based on the animated series that started a couple of years earlier.

The movie included Orson Welles, Leonard Nimoy and Eric Idle amongst its eclectic voice cast and had quite the soundtrack. I don’t think my childhood self quite appreciated, or even understood, it.

Over the years, I’ve stumbled on the movie when it has been on television. I always find myself watching it, enjoying the soundtrack and being transported back in time 34 years.

“Dare” appears in early in the movie, during a set up scene. Listening to it now, many lines strike a chord.

The Early Days

Sometimes when your hopes have all been shattered,
There’s nowhere to turn
You wonder how you keep going

That just sounds like how I felt after my MS diagnosis. I was fit and healthy, ready to start a new job and then everything was turned upside down. With the unpredictability of MS, I didn’t know how to keep positive.

Dare to believe you can survive
You hold the future in your hand

This was the first challenge. Initially my mind was looking at the worst of MS. I would be in a wheelchair, unable to look after myself. I had to be strong, had to look at how to come through this. My life was going to change but I could still influence just how.

Dare to keep all your dreams alive

When I was diagnosed, I was training for half marathons and thinking about second dan preparation. Immediately afterwards, these seemed out of reach. Since my two Lemtrada treatments and being able to exercise again, these have seemed much more tangible goals. I am daring to believe that these dreams are still very much alive.

Moving On

Looks like it’s now or never
Out of the darkness you stumble into the light

From the depression of the initial months after diagnosis through the shielding period this year, I’ve very much stumbled back into everyday life. I continue to take it slowly, given both the current health advice and being mindful of my own mental health.

Fighting for the things you know are right

Ok, so maybe I’m not doing that.

The Future Awaits

Dare to be all that you can be
There is a place where dreams survive
It’s calling you on to victory

A common message I see online is that you are not your MS. I take that meaning from these lines. Yes, I have MS and yes, it has had a huge impact on my life, but I am more than that. I can do more than just be an MS tolerator. What does victory look like? Getting up every day and not giving in to this condition.


An uplifting finish to an uplifting song, this is a fun track. It has nostalgia element associated to my childhood. It has some lyrics which I can really apply to my current diagnosis, as well as to stompy robots. MSbots…transform and rollout!

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